• Managing Director, Consultica Worldwide Management Consultants

    - 17 Jul 2017

    Ralton Property Group is a detailed and results-driven company with good team-building and business skills and a sense of purpose.

  • Sales & Events Coordinator, The Island Sydney

    - 11 Mar 2017

    Ralton Property Group are a dedicated, driven and extremely focussed company. The knowledge of both residential and commercial property is unparalleled, and they will take the time and the effort to find you exactly what you are looking for, no effort spared. I highly recommend Ralton Property Group as the right company to source and assist in finding the exact property you are looking for.

  • Jane and Robert Perestti

    - 05 Aug 2017

    After dealing with one unprofessional Agent after another we were fortunate enough to find Ralton Property Group who came highly recommended from a friend of ours. Ralton was not only professional but saw the urgency in regards to the sale of our property. They guided and informed us the whole way through the Sales Process and was always gentle mannered. After having the property for 2 weeks we were over joyed to find out that we had a fantastic offer which we accepted.
    I could not recommend and thank Ralton Property Group enough for helping us sell our property.

  • Gabriel and Leman Saffo

    - 12 Oct 2017

    We had been looking for a property for almost a year and couldn’t find anything that we really fell involve with. Ralton Property Group approached us and was appointed as our buyer’s agent. During this time Ralton showed us numerous fantastic properties.
    Finally they showed us a magnificent property, 45B Village High Rd, Vaucluse, which we now can say, are the proud owners of.
    Ralton did not only negotiate but also lead us through the whole sale process, which was a great help.
    Since then we have built a great relationship with Harj and Ralton Property Group we consider him not only our agent but also our friend.